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Advance Ministry Institute

Whether you are a 5 Fold minister or not, we're ALL ministers of Reconciliation. AMI  prepares, equips and challenges you to grow and walk in your KINGDOM assignment!


The AMI ( will be focusing on in the "House" ministry and Marketplace ministry. The "House" ministry classes explain and explore those specifically called to serve in the House, an exploration in learning the "inner workings" of how ministry is to flow within the "House"/Body. The Marketplace classes are for the those who have a call to various arenas. We all should be a part of the House, but there are those with specific calls and assignments beyond the "4 Walls". We offer the School with Live Streaming for distance learning students...please plan to join us whether or not you're in Indianapolis or Timbuktu we're here to serve you! The  following is the list of classes we will be offering:



Prerequisite Classes:


Leading in Ministry


Who is Jesus?/How to Study your Bible


Developing Your Prayer Life


Christ as Our Role-Model


The Call


The Commission

Serving in the House



Serving in the House:


The 5 Fold Ministers (Apostles, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher)...etc...


Elders, Bishops and Deacons: 1 Class

Serving in the Marketplace:


7 Kingdoms (Business, Religion, Arts/Entertainment, Government, Education, Family, Media): 5 Classes...CONTACT US FOR MORE QUESTIONS!!!!


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